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10 March, 2007

A drug free treatment for drug addicts

Following on from what I wrote previously on teenage entering drugs at a young age, and how important it was to seek the right drug rehab help and treatment.

Stone Hawk Drug Treatment is a special place to provide drug rehab and addiction treatment for addicts. The counselors empathize and care for the addicts because they were once addicts too. They know the struggle and challenges involved in kicking that stinking habit. With more than 70% success rate, Stone Hawk's drug treatment program is the most successful in the country. The program uses a drug-free approach as the center believes that drug addicts should not inject more chemicals in the body. The traditional treatment by drug rehab uses medication and drugs which differs from Stone Hawk's aim to help addicts improve their mental and physical health without any more drugs.

This drug free method ensures that graudates leave clean and stay clean, without the dependency of drugs and other medications at all.

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