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10 March, 2007

Thank God for good friends...

So thankful for friends - good friends. Today, I sent Clayton to Tracy's place again as we have a workshop conducted by Stuart in Eastin Hotel. I had barely 5 hours of sleep due to the bad cough I had last night. Clayton woke up at 5am and couldn't get back to sleep, so it was another night of frustration for me. Finally, I had to use the 'stick'. Mothers, you know how 'heart sick' that was.

Then, I took Clayton for a joy ride while dropping Clayton off. Well, the truth was I ended up in Klang Lama cos the blurr me took the wrong turn after Kerinchi Link... then I tried to get out to the main road and after a couple of tries, I finally got it right. Don't blame my poor sense of directions in KL... I'm not local, remember. It was a 'blue' morning, really. Finally, I found Trace's house and Clayton was so excited to see his Auntie 'CC'.

Thanks, Tracy and David - you guys are simply awesome! God bless.

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