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03 March, 2007

Donut Factory

There is a new donut shop - Donut Factory that is causing a long queue in shopping malls and it is shocking. We witnessed this during our last trip to Singapore and the queue brought us a lot of curiosity. It was hard not to try the donuts since it was the only shop with a super long queue in Raffles Place Marketplace.

Alex bought a couple and he didn't seem to be impressed at all. I thought it was nice. It was chewy and soft. Somehow, it didn't feel 'sinful' as the texture of the dough is light. Just keep in mind that every customer is limited to only a maximum of 2 dozens. Wow... so if you like more, you just gotta re-queue.


g said...

Ahhh, Singapore is such a lovely place.

Part of the fun is in queueing, I suppose... like getting in on the fun, and seeing what the fuss is all about. :D

On the other hand, I think everyone lines up for donuts everywhere, he-he.

dorischua said...

Ya... we are all 'trained' to queue! Thanks for dropping by.

tigerfish said...

Krispy Kreme is good. Have not tried Donut Factory though.