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23 March, 2007

Getting the right contractor for the job

This is a fabulous resource and business idea - matching home owners with the right home improvement contractors for any home renovation or remodelling jobs. Imagine the hassle and stress of finding and selecting a good and reliable contractor who will deliver your job professionally and punctually?

DH and myself dislike any home renovations, whether it's for a minor job of fixing the kitchen cabinets or a broken pipe. Not only is it easy to get a qualified one, it is even tougher getting one who is reliable. What makes me mad is when the job is shoddy and not done properly. This can be a waste of time and money.

That's where OnCallContractors comes in handy. Contractors who are registered with the company are pre-screened which means you can rest assured that the contractors are qualified, licensed and possess good track records. That ease the problem of lousy work and job dissatisfaction. What is good about this service is that you can state your job requirement, select the service you need, get estimates and receive professional guidance throughout your project.

Sounds good, isn't it?

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