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23 March, 2007

Wow - what lovely tiles...

My mum just completed her renovation on her kitchen and bathroom and it is looking so good. She has lived in her apartment for 20 odd years and I am so happy for her that she has finally taken the step to remodel her kitchen cabinets and flooring.

Being a meticulous person, she spent a lot of time discussing her plans with the contractor and went through a selection process on cabinet designs and the choice of tiles for the floors. I must say that she was so good at making decisions and liasing with the designer for the job.

If only she hears about Floorbuzz, she will fall in love with the quality tiles the website offers. Besides the Accent glass tiles, the ceramic tiles and the Travertine tiles are perfect to create radiance to the rooms. Best of all, she does not need to worry about water, stains or any spillage - remember what I said earlier - she is a meticulous person.

Well, I would save this reference for my next house remodelling or renovation project since the tiles on the patio are breaking up.

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