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23 March, 2007

Online hotel booking in Europe

I would love to go on a Europe tour when Clayton is a little bigger. My friend, Janet has been bugging on about visiting her in London and I have heard enough buzz on the shopping scene in Spain, the gourmet food in Italy, the beauty of Paris and the charm of France.

I guess it doesn't hurt to do my research early and excite myself with the attractions and beauty of European sceneries, musuems, architecture and cities. If you are travelling to Europe earlier than me, let Eurobookings.com be your guide and reference. Apparently, the online booking site does not charge any reservation or cancellation fee, neither do you have to pay your hotel bookings in advance.

Search from more than 30,000 hotels in 1,000 locations - you will bound to find something that suits your budget and preference. You can learn more about the cities by browsing through the hotel guide pages, which offer information on food, attractions and events.

Bookmark it for your next Europe holiday.

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