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11 March, 2007

I have a sailing fantasy...

Since I was a little girl, I would fantasize myself sailing in a catamaran in the deep blue ocean, sun bathe in the deck with a nice, cool cocktail. I always love the ocean breeze, strolling on the pristine beaches or just simply tucking my feet under the fine sand.

We had a enjoyable time during our trip to the Great Barrier Reef few years ago where we booked a day trip in a nice catamaran. That was my first snorkeling experience and I was amazed by the beauty of the underwater creatures.

I came across St Thomas sailing adventures and my fantasies began again. Imagine sailing to a peaceful, quiet island in the U.S. or British Virgin Islands in Scubadu, the luxury catamaran. Have a day of adventure - snorkel, walk on the beach, dig into a freshly prepared gourmet lunch or have a cool swim in one of the St John beaches.

Or how about a romantic dinner cruise with your loved one where you can relax in the golden sunset and count the shining stars as the night draws near.

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Adam said...

So did you get to attend the bloggers meet in KL?