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12 March, 2007

A new system for the repair and remodeling contractor

One of my cousin in Singapore has been repair and remodeling contractor for many years. He has a few employees working for him and due to his busy schedule, it is hard to meet up over family gatherings. In this business, he gets to work with individual homes and small companies. It's very much a hands-on job and delivery, quality finish and customer satisfaction are all important factors to retain customer loyalty and to bring in new customers. A lot of his new clients come via referral from old and existing ones. This power of referrals is key to be successful in this business.

However, I notice that apart from having a secretary who doubled up as an operations assistant, he doesn't have a proper system in managing work flow, check job orders, process purchase orders, calculate estimates, prepare invoices and handle the daily or weekly job schedule. Having to depend on human resource alone can be challenging when there is an increase in the number of projects during peak months, such as Chinese New Year and end of the year.

I believe MyOnlineToolBox is a good software to provide him the solutions to all those operation challenges he is currently facing. This will increase the productivity of the employees as there is a reliable system to perform the necessary operational assistance. With an effective system and increased productivity, he can focus in marketing and bringing in more clients for the company.

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