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06 March, 2007

Janet's new business

When my friend, Janet started her ceramic business, she was a totally fresh entrepreneur with no prior experience. That's why I always tell people that this girl has got guts! Even though her hubby is an eye surgeon in a UK hospital, it will only make sense for her to secured personal loans to get started.

A production factory was to be started in Guangzhou where she hailed. That would mean more financial backup needed, plus a new office, warehouse were all in the plan. After comparing loans from several banks, she decided on one and the business start-up was ready to roll.

I had a brief conversation with her some time back and it looked like she had still a huge personal loan to settle and even considered a mortgage. The business was taking shape well but with any entry to a new business, it would take time to see bottom line profits. I believe that with her determination and hardwork, plus creativity, she would take the business far and would not be caught in the rut of bad personal loans.

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