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23 March, 2007

Update on Clayton goes to school...

Clayton has decided not to nap since he starts his nursery at Peter & Jane. Being the youngest in the school, he is labelled the 'baby of the year'. He still wouldn't sit still during circle time and I guess he is just restless. He would only sit straight in full attention when Teacher Sophia is doing something interesting.

But the nice thing is I don't have to sneak away anymore. I could just settle him down and say, 'Mama is going home'... bye bye. Teacher Sophia tells him that mama is going toilet, for the fear that he will whine. I gather the confidence and say, 'Mama is going home'. And he is fine.

I don't like to lie to children in this way. Telling the truth or teaching them how to accept the truth is better than a lame excuse or temporal distraction.

Everyday, he will be beaming with joy when I pick him up. He will be shouting 'bye bye, teacher' and 'bye bye Kaka'... and then, by the time he gets home, he is overstimulated so there goes the nap.

As such, bedtime is 8-9pm. It's quite good this way cos I get more time to update my blogs and do some blog walking. I only face the challenge of him waking up at 5am and tries to start a conversation (Arggrhhh...)

Yea... I'm taking Clayton out again tomorrow as DH has his Part 2 -Qi Gong workshop... It's bonding time in the mall!


4malmal said...

hi, my name is Rachel. I am a SAHM. Was reading the few blogs that you authored and I am truly amazed by the energy you have! Writing blogs, taking care of your little one and having a home business! I wished I have the energy like you! good job :)

bokjae said...

hey! you are doing right mom, not to lie! clayton will learn from you too! keep up the good but tough job of teaching your children!

sesame said...

Why is he the youngest? When is his birthday? Cos my boy is also the youngest. His birthday is 1 Jan.

dorischua said...

4malmal: Hi Rachel.. thanks for your kind words. It hasn't been an easy ride juggling few things at one go but I'm that sort who can't sit still either :) Thanks for dropping by. Come by more often!

bokjae: Thanks!

Sesame: Clayton is born in Oct 2004 so he's barely 2.5 yrs and nursery in the school starts at 3 yo. Which year is your boy born?

sesame said...

Gavin was born in 2003. So he's 4 this year.