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28 March, 2007

What happen to dorischua.com?

Few hours ago, my heart was throbbing like I had completed a 3km run. I couldn't logged onto my health blog after I received an email from my blog buddy, Paris B. I was worried. What happened? Was my blog hacked? Why was my account suspended?

I called up my hosting company in the US but found out that this health blog was not even hosted with them. Oh dear... where did I host it then? When you have 10 domains and with a couple not hosted on the same hosting company, it can get confusing. After some trackbacks, I discovered that my health blog was hosted with another company. It was a FREE hosting I got from attending an Internet seminar.

After some inspection, I tracked down the person responsible for this and he promised to get my site up in a short while. True enough, it was up an hour ago.

My lesson learnt from this incident - get a reliable and credible web host. I 'm serious. If you don't, your account can get suspended and if your web host can't be located, you can say 'good bye' to all the information in your blog. The second lesson: Backup your blog. You never know what can happen. Your hosting company may shut down or your site may be hacked.

If you are looking for a good hosting company, check out Hostgator. All my domains including DH's are hosted here except for my health blog (which I would be switching soon).


sesame said...

Whoa...that's kind of close. But what went wrong? It wasn't hacked was it? The server was done?

I have my blogs hosted at Dreamhost. Initially not quite happy with them but now okay. But there are always problems with most web hosting companies. It depends on our threshold for those problems too. Once in a while for me, still can bear.

dorischua said...

Know what.. my host center didn't pay lor.. that's why. Sigh... I'm changing hosting anyhow. can't run into such risks.

msaufong said...

I read that many blog kena hack last 2 days..yeap..really need to find better hosting company ler..I oso worry ..I have to learn to backup all the blog now.
btw..I tagged you at

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

so glad it all turned out ok!!!