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05 April, 2007

I got a new digital camera

I just bought a new digital camera. After all the research and careful consideration, I finally settled for a Canon Ixus 850IS 7.1 megapixel digital camera. I have been concerned about getting a good camera which can take nice and sharp indoor and night photos.

I heard about the Fujifilm 31 fd which won raves and faves from media reviews but surprisingly, this camera is 'obsolete' in Malaysia. In Singapore, it is at a price tag of S$530 and Malaysia, RM1,300! What I don't understand is the latest 8.3 megapix 40fd is actually cheaper than the 31 fd which is only 6.1 megapix.

Thanks to the media reviews, which keeps the older version at a higher price as it is proven, tried and tested, as compared to the latest and powerful version.

After comparing the photos from the Panasonic Lumix and Canon, I chose the Canon. DH thinks it feels better in his chunky fingers though I love the sleek design of the Lumix and what more, it uses Leica lens!

But well, I'm happy with the Canon still - not complaining...

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