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05 April, 2007

What is rhinoplasty?

Are you familiar with cosmetic surgery terms? Honestly, I am not until recently. I have heard much about celebrities getting a botox injection to combat signs of aging, face lifts and liposuction to stay radiant and slim. Breast enlargements/enhancements are among the most popular cosmetic surgeries performed among the rich and famous. And of course, nose re-shaping which is known as rhinoplasty is not excluded.

I don't know how a nose job can do wonders to the overall facial appearance until I view some of the photos in a rhinoplasty website. How many beautiful celebrities have big or flat noses? Obviously, many have done a nose reshaping to improve their physical looks. And I must say the 'before and 'after' photos in the website are impressive.

Whatever it is, if you are thinking of correcting the shape of your nose, always consult a reliable, experienced and skillful surgeon. Sometimes it may require you to pay more but you wouldn't want a crooked or disfigured nose, do you?

What I find it interesting is that rhinoplasty can also helped those with breathing problems due to a nose injury or birth defect. If you can, check out the famous Rodeo Drive rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills where you not only have one but two plastic surgeons with complementary skills and profiles under one roof.

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