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05 April, 2007

Let's talk business

My husband started running his own business since 1997 and he is enjoying every bit of it. Despite being confronted with abounding challenges as an entrepreneur, he remains steadfast and courageous. And I admire him for that. He is a risk taker and has delved into a few business opportunities over the years. From running a food franchise to being a restaurant owner, he got his hands in technology business and finally, found his love in seminar business.

Recently, he was talking about the importance of protecting fixed assets of a company and how it can lead to savings on taxes and insurances. He is also a believer of acquiring the right resource for business needs. For companies with high inventory control, a fixed asset inventory software is necessary for inventory tracking. The mistake often made by small businesses is the unwillingness to invest in a reliable software to perform accurate accounting and physical inventory tracking.

Without a good fixed asset management system, errors can happen which lead to financial losses and business inefficiency. Why let the business you build with much pain, hardwork and time suffer due to a lack in good management system?

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