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06 April, 2007

Power of VoIP technology for home businesses

As home business owners, DH and myself make a conscious effort to save on our administrative and marketing costs. So we are constantly exploring ways to minimize our costs to reach maximum profits for our business. One of the high admin costs goes to our telecommunication bills as telesales is almost the core of our business.

Thus, we are exploring the use of small business phone systems which uses VoIP technology to help us in long term savings on our phone systems as well as telecommunication costs. A broadband internet connection is all we need for VoIP phone systems which means we won't need to invest in expensive phone systems which require constant upgrading and regular maintenance.

Besides saving on overseas calls, we can have the flexibility of working out of our home office when we are outstationed. Our part-time telesales consultants who work in our partner's office can also utilize the phone system with no added hardware to purchase.

I can agree more to the versatility, convenience and cost-effectiveness of this wonderful technology.

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voipproviders said...

yup voip is a lifesaver alright. helps businesses and individuals save a lot of $$