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09 April, 2007

A quick post from Singapore

Ok.. I'm addicted to blogging! I'm in Singapore now and I am feeling uneasy for not having any computer and internet access.

I was here since Saturday for a short trip and would be back tomorrow. It's been nice despite the gloomy weather the last 2 days. Always nice to catch up with my family and to watch how Clayton had fun with my mum. I believe it's a little therapy for my mum too.

Ok.. I'm seriously not used to the keyboard in the cyber cafe... till then, I haven't quit blogging and would be back in full swing again tomorrow.

How is everyone doing?


IMMomsDaughter said...

And I thought you are from S'pore *duh* Have fun shopping :)

Lisa said...

I know what you mean. I almost don't want to go anywhere anymore unless they have WiFi available. Thanks for visiting my site. I think yours is great. I love reading about travel.

dorischua said...

immomsdaughter: I am from S'pore but living in KL for the last 7 years :)

lisa: Thanks for dropping by... are we addicted to the internet?