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10 April, 2007

Summary of my Singapore trip

It was another good trip to Singapore. I was desperate enough to hop into a cybercafe in Far East Shopping Centre ( a discovery for me!) to check my emails and do a quick blog posting in 3 of my blogs. I even did one PPP opp (Lol)

I had a lovely time with my family on Saturday at Vivo City. It was great that my mum agreed to go 'walk walk' and had lunch with my brother's family. Though it was challenging going out with 3 toddlers, it was worth the efforts, really. I convinced mum to try on Prima from Crocs and I was glad that I could buy that for her Mother's day gift. Now I know she has good slips for her feet.

My evening was very pleasant as I got round to catching up with a close friend whom I knew for 20 years. There were gaps in our friendship in the 20 years but we could still feel comfortable with each other - that was nice. He had often complained that I didn't blogged about him so I would in the next post - dedicated to RL.

Oh yes, I would do another dedicated post on my shopping expeditions! Oh well, I wished that I could visit Haji Lane as I had heard and read much about the recent transformation of this old lane. Apparently, it is now the hip street to find quirky and unique finds! I must make sure I explore this place the next trip.

OK.. read more about more trip reports in the next few days.


alternative-mom said...

Hi Doris, it really is nice to be back home sometimes, isn't it? Close to family and friends! I share your sentiment! Which oart of the world are you at now? I'm also a Singaporean but currently residing in the UK but will be heading off home soon, too!

dorischua said...

Hi... I've been in KL for 7 years! Still love to be back in Sin every now and then... like to be near familiar places and see familiar faces!