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07 April, 2007

Voice Over IP Forum

The new technology of Voice Over IP (VoIP) is becoming popular among business people and home users. If you are already a VoIP user, you can agree that it is convenient, flexible and most inportantly, it lowers your spending on phone calls, especially international calling.

Vonage, a VoIP telephone company has a forum that contains reviews, discussions, news for VoIP users. Whether you are new to VoIP or is a current user, you can join in the forum to discuss VoIP issues with other users. The forum contains useful FAQ and detailed information of this new technology. Personally, I find the reviews section very informative as they are posted by actual users who share their experiences and honest opinions.

So if you like to save on your phone calls, check out Vonage. All you ever need is a broadband internet connection and you are ready to make calls anywhere, wherever you are.

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