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06 April, 2007

Our first interviewee

DH and myself have decided to recruit a couple of teleconsultants for our seminar business. How many of you know that it is not easy getting the right people who are able to share the same passion and vision with you?

Few days ago, we interviewed a lady who had an impressive CV. She had an attractive personality with pleasant looks, very fluent in her English, presentable, well travelled, loads of marketing experience and fairly poised. We had a great chat with her and even invited her to attend our workshop the next day, which was also our 'indication' of employment.

On our way home, DH and myself were filled with gladness and high hopes that this was the right candidate for our business. She seemed to fit well into our business model of working hard for 9 months and taking a long break of 3 months.

The next day, we were expecting her to show up for the workshop and she didn't turned up. My gut feel told me this would happen and I told DH that this was a sign for us that she wasn't the right one. How did she expect her future employers (us!) to trust her when she couldn't even live to her word and maintain her integrity.

Funny thing was she called on the second day of the workshop and told DH that she got the dates wrong and asked if she could still come. Well, she insulted our intelligence by hoping that she could get away with this lame excuse.

That was our first interviewee.

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