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15 May, 2007

Account suspended??

Oh dear... I woke up this morning, opened up all my blogs and guess what, two of my accounts had been suspended!! I panicked, I was worried... what happened?

Something came to my mind, we ran an email campaign yesterday and that could cause a problem. I questioned DH on this and he confirmed that an email blast was sent out to in relations to a marketing campaign for our upcoming event.

I probed further and wrote to the hosting center and found out that we were reported for SPAMvertising! How in the world did that ever happened?

Now, I'm trying to get my sites up again... I am upset with DH, upset with the entire campaign. Know what, we are not spammers and we do not spam! C'mon hostgator, please reinstate my account!!

1 comment:

SEO Engineering 101 said...

Oooh ..you had that BS too huh??

Seems...that it's a PPP post again.. and the trackback is the cause of it.

Thus..remember this...always have a backup plan..and don't put all on one SERVER>..just in case this screws up!