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15 May, 2007

A perfect nose

Do you like your nose? Ever wish for a sharp nose, thinner nose, taller nose or smaller nose? I had a friend in secondary who loved pinching her nose. I asked her why once and she told that would make her nose taller and sharper - true? I think so. But if you want a nose like the celebrity on the moviescreen, then you need to consider a Beverly Hills rhinoplasty... oh yes, that's the home of the rich, the famous, the stylish, the high taste, the glamour and the "who is who"!

The unique thing about a Beverly Hills nose job is The Rodeo Drive Breathe Easy Rhinoplasty. What makes it special is that the surgeons do not just construct a nice nose to suit your face shape and features, but the treatment also ensures that you can breathe well after the surgery. In other words, not only do you get a beautiful nose at the end of the treatment, you can breathe freely and perfectly, unlike some surgeries which focus on the aesthetics and compromise on the breathing aspects.

Like a nose job done... start saving and head to Beverly Hills for a California rhinoplasty!

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