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22 May, 2007

I'm a big credit card user -are you?

Have you heard of pre-approved credit cards? Lately, we were approached by a bank to co-promote one of their credit card with our upcoming seminar. I was amazed when the bank was proposing to offer our participants a pre-approved credit card, no document submissions, no credit check needed. I thought this must be a little crazy.

I'm a big credit card user. I can leave home without my wallet but not my credit card. It is convenient and for me, safer than carrying loads of cash when I'm shopping alone. If you live in M'sia, you would know what I mean. But I must often warn myself not to overspend and not to buy out of impulse. Somehow, when I shop with DH, I tend to have more restraint. Otherwise, I go wild and crazy! Moreover, I have more than one credit card, as a matter of fact, I sometimes wonder if I need more than one card. There is an article that talks about this subject.

I was reading a couple of articles and it was about how you can use credit cards to make money. If you like to read more about this topic, check out the list of articles here.

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