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19 May, 2007

Paypal not responding

Lately, many bloggers in Malaysia are facing problems with PayPal. Apparently, the withdrawal feature that allows users to accept money is not active and users are requested to present an US bank account. The problem with PayPal is that the support department takes ages to respond and another frustration is that by the time they respond, your concern may not be addressed.

Sometime back, I wrote to them with an issue and they actually responded and said that due to high volume of customers' feedback, they weren't able to respond and cope with the requests. And that was it. No answer to my question, just a lame excuse that I won't be getting any answer cos they were swarmed.

For a huge payment gateway like PayPal, I do expect better customer service support than this. I do hope that they will resolve this issue soon and fix this glitch.

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