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19 May, 2007

Plastic surgery gets fashionable

When a company or business is featured in Fortune magazine, it better be newsworthy. I was reading an article about how plastic surgery is no longer done in hospitals but in fashionable malls and in trendy settings. How about walking into a 1 million plastic surgery facility in hip and upmarket Beverly Hills to get a 'makeover' or a Beverly Hills breast reduction?

Just as I think that most boob jobs are for enlargement and enhancement, I learnt about the infamous Rodeo Drive Shaped for Fashion Breast Reduction. I also recalled the story of an entrepreneur who started an online store just to cater to butsy women who are average-sized.

The Rodeo Drive Shaped for Fashion Breast Reduction is specially designed for women who not only needs a breast reduction due to physical discomforts and inconveniences, but it goes a step further in focusing on the shape and position. The main purpose is to perform a surgery that will harmonize with the overall body shape so that the patient can look and feel good, and be at her best in all sorts of fashionable attire. It sounds like an uniqueLos Angeles breast reduction program.

All surgeries are performed in the deluxe facility at Rodeo Drive and patients can ensure a pleasant, professional and relaxing experience from the team at Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery. Dr Lloyd Krieger is a popular face in the media for his exceptional surgical approach in helping many women achieve their desired goals in breast reduction in beverly hills in the efforts of looking more confident and fashionably beautiful .

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Kelsey Otsuka said...

You see all the makeovers people go through on every channel. You hear the horror stories of the surgery gone wrong. But surgery today is at its best. With any type of surgery, there are potential risks, but today’s surgery is definitely more effective and natural-looking than the procedures of a few years ago. The industry has grown immensely, and I believe it will only get bigger and better than it already is.