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09 June, 2007

detox begins... totally weaned!

Today is the second day of my detox. This is the first time I'm trying this detox, quite different from the other program I did few years ago. I heard good reviews from a friend so I thought I should try.

This delayed detox was put away due to my prolonged nursing and finally, FINALLY, I can officialy declare that Clayton is weaned. So glad we both did it for that long... I almost thought i couldn't last 1 month in the beginning. The persistence had taken us far and we had developed a strong bonding during this time.

The detox seems doing me good, at least the cough in the day is reducing though the healing reaction is showing up in the night before I sleep and in the morning when I wake up. I'll talk about this detox program in more details later. *yawn*

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