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08 June, 2007

Last day of school hols - yay!

So glad... it's the last day, the last day of school holidays! This means Clayton is back in school next week - yay! For the last 2 weeks, my afternoons were spent in and out of my home office -arrgrrhh. He wouldn't leave me alone for more than half hour :(

If left alone for too long in his playroom, the entire place will be a BIG mess! Then I would have to yell at him before having to clear the mess with him. Last Sunday, I bought him his first set of Play Doh, and it was also mine :) We both had a nice time kneading doh, cooking, making spaghetti, pizza, steak, eggs... it was fun though i had to help clear the mess after every session.

When he first saw me kneading the doh, he was a little scared but after seeing how I could make spaghetti from the garlic press, he was excited! Now, he would wake up every morning and ask me to play Play Doh... actually I am glad that he can sharpen his motor skills through Play Doh and learn creativity through pretend play.

He had learnt something new this school holidays :)


shoppingmum said...

I'm very tempted to get the playdoh set, but my baby is not ready yet. Or maybe I should try? :P

aylee said...

You've been tagged!

dorischua said...

Shoppingmum: Isabelle is too young.. she may eat the doh! Wait til she's big enough to understand that's not food :)

Aylee: I'll check it out!

Anonymous said...

hi doris,

i love yr floor mat with road tracks...is it made from hard plastics?

where can i get it? :-D

i bought an activity table play doh set for my daughter but we need a bigger mat for easy cleaning and playing on the floor so this floor mat would be great:)

thanks in advance

1mum, kl