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08 June, 2007

Get rid of those spies!

It was weird. I was receiving advertising and promotional emails that I wasn't subscribing for and they were increasing everyday. Then I also found out that my company's email had been 'reused' by unknown individuals who were sending promotional emails on medical drugs such as cialis and viagra... how did that ever happened? I had a chat with my webmaster when all those activities were happening and for the very first time, I was told that my computer could have been 'spied'. Well, there are massive websites these days that allow free downloads of music, fonts, shareware, videos...etc and as I think they are great to have in my computer, I am not aware that my privacy is intruded and I am getting unwanted visitors to my PC! This is all so scary! Imagine the private and confidential that are stored inside my computer, they can be accessed by spies!

I was then introduced to Spy Sweeper, my rescue to squash out these uninvited guests. Spy Sweeper offers the protection on my system, detects spyware and completely destroy any of them who have entered my system during any internet surfing or downloading processes. It blocks any spy activities from entering before any intrusion to my system, files and personal information. This is definitely worth my investment as my computer is used for both business and personal use. The damage can cause more than the risk of being spied. Solving these computer problems can decrease productivity and is a waste of time and resources.

So why not grab a copy of Spy Sweeper so that you can also work, surf and sleep with the peace of mind?

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