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08 June, 2007

ReviewMe needs to better their system

I was ranting about how the advertiser cancelled the campaign to few blogging buddies and found out that one of them had this same experience too. Why did Review Me allow the advertiser to cancel the campaign after it is released to the marketplace? It is not fair to the bloggers who have taken time to write the campaigns and then to find out that it is cancelled.

Even if it is cancelled, the blogger should receive an email of notification. Given an established paid blogging platform like Review Me, this shouldn't be happening. It is about perfecting the system for the good of bloggers and advertisers. For PayPerPost, we bloggers are able to flag the advertiser and give tack ratings and vice versa. We complain and if the complaints are valid, the technical team looks into the issue and solve our woes and rants.

But I was told that ReviewMe did not provide a reply to my friend's previous complaint and as expected, she wasn't paid. I believe advertisers should have some form of integrity. C'mon, it's only $11.50, you cancel the campaign to annoy a blogger? Maybe I should write a post to talk about how you run your site with this integrity problem.

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sesame said...

I've never written anything for ReviewMe. Frankly not keen to. I don't like the fact that we have to qualify each post is sponsored by ReviewMe or something.