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04 June, 2007

ideas for the house

Sometimes I feel like repainting the walls in Clayton’s room. I always like lively and cheerful walls for kids’ rooms as it adds complements with their playful nature. Then I’m thinking of painting the built-in wardrobe too! It has a dark cherry wood colour – very boring, old and darkens the entire playroon. But when I think about the amount of work and efforts I need to get all these done, I will think twice about it.

Then I thought I should install under cabinet lighting for my wardrobe so that I didn’t have to search ‘blindly’ for my clothes in the night. I like how the hotel wardrobes have their cabinet lightings which turn on automatically when I open the door. Now, I have to convince dh to get it done for me. Knowing him, it may never happen ☺

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