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04 June, 2007

protect your TV

During our recent trip to Singapore, we witnessed the launch of the world's largest Plasma TV (102") by Samsung at vivo city. While I'm not a big fan of huge TVs, I must admit this one is impressive and the screen image is crystal clear. But how is anyone going to transport this to an apartment, I wonder? So like what dh says, you better have a big luxury home to house this expensive gadget!

Let's not be extreme. I'm sure at 32" or 40" is suffice for most TV enthusiasts. But if I decide to invest in a plasma or flat screen TV, I would make sure I buy a pixelprotector DVD to ensure tip top picture quality as the DVD is able to fix dead pixels, remove screen burns, and calibrate the screen to its optimum performance, and also preserve the life span of your TV.

To use it is as simple as playing a CD as PixelProtector is designed with home users in mind. Moreover, an investment of only $39.95 that includes delivery worldwide, it is worth every cent to protect your TV, ensure optimum screen display and can even be used on laptops too!

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