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13 June, 2007

Internet problems

You don't know desperate I was. The internet connection was down since yesterday morning and DH and myself couldn't get much done. He spent 2 hours in the computer shop trying to identify the problem. Did all the testings on the router, found out that the router was faulty, tried to configure new router, called Telekom to settle some connection issues and finally, back home.

Then, to his frustration, it didn't work at home even tho it was working in the computer shop. Spent some more time calling TM Net, talked to few agents, did some troubleshooting and all that took up few more hours.

Finally, a report could be lodged. Just to let you guys know: TM Net would not allow you to lodge a report which means get a technician over unless all efforts were proven futile. Be prepared to waste few hours before they accept your request for a technician.

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bokjae said...

aiyah! pal, I know TM! been working with them for more than 20 years! Arrogance is their attitude! sigh! Do you know that they choke or throttle down yr bandwidth? So slow internet is something we have to live with! unless there are more ISP's around! Maxis not doing too great too!