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12 June, 2007

Internet connection failure

If you spend more than 12 hours on the Net everyday, how will it feel if you can’t access to it at all for a day or two? I must admit that it is a struggle unless I am on a vacation and am mentally prepared not to be connected for a while.

This morning, I woke up to discover that the internet connection is down. Usually this will last only for a short few hours but today, it is taking longer than usual. We called the telephone company and spent hours trying to fix the problem. Finally, we found out that it could be a problem with the port.

Alex and myself have been staring at each other wondering when is this problem going to be fixed. We have been so dependent on the internet that a hiccup like this is affecting our routine and way of life. We ask each other if this is healthy, if we should be getting anxious over an internet connection failure.

This is when we realize that we have become so dependent on technology, so much so that our lives revolve around what is going on in the worldwide web. We can only hope that the line be fixed by tomorrow. We have so much to do before leaving for Singapore on Thursday.

What about you? Is your life also revolved around the WWW?

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Adam said...

Our Internet connection is on almost 24 hours everyday. I realise that I am getting to dependent on it when I go out and start thinking whether there is any new e-mail or an opp on ppp.
Right now I work from home though the net and I can't even imagine a day without Internet connection.