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12 June, 2007

shoes and more shoes!

Is anyone a fan of Birkenstock? I think I'm becoming one - hehe.

After being told that I can buy them cheaper online, I check out out footshopping.com right away. This is a german online store but surprisingly, the shoes are cheaper than what we get in the retail shops in Singapore and M'sia. My Dorian is only S$102 whereas I paid RM319 in the shop - RM84 difference leh!

Anyways, I really adore the Heidi Klum collection, and you can guess that it's at celebrity pricing too... there are Heidi Klum by Birkenstock and Heidi Klum by Papillio. And yes, Papillio is lovely too... and if you have small feet, shoes can be cheaper :)

Here are some cool looking ones...

these are Wall of Kiss...

this is my crave... Heidi Klum by Papillio...

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