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09 June, 2007

men talk different stuff

Men tend to like a conversation on topics related to investment, finance, business, sports, property, digital stuff, automobiles and women!

DH likes to view display homes and new developments, he will read on all things related to real estate, which is normally not my interest. So when I came across some information on ellijay real estate this morning, he started reading and got interested in it. Since his brother lives in the bay area, they are thinking about investing in an overseas property together. It sounds like a good idea then we may have a place to stay when we travel to the US which will save us quite a fair bit on accommodations. Considering the exchange rate, the savings mean more shopping purchases for me :)

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Santa Fe Custom Home Builder said...

Yes, oversees property can be a great investment. There are many countries where their "housing markets" are in their infancy.