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09 June, 2007

Growing teens like independence

Everytime when I get a chance to speak to parents with teenage children, they will be ranting about their teen's growing pains, challenges, peer pressure and living habits. Actually, it is even tougher to control the spending habits of teens especially if they are given access to their own savings. So it is important for parents to teach children how to be manage their finances or be wise about their spending habits starting from young. So the idea of a prepaid teen card by Payjr is a good idea as the card enables parents to transfer money to their children, track their spending habits and teach them financial management. Parents can reward their children for good grades, completed chores or special occasions by making a direct transfer to the Visa Buxx card electronically and their children will be informed via sms or email. Similarly, parents can be informed of children's spending activities that way. In a way, the card provides independence to the teens, who appreciate that respect at that age, yet they know that they are watched.

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SEO Engineering 101 said...

They said their card will only work in US and Canada..so I can't give a card to you huh??

BTW,did U noe they pay a good rate of commission?

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