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06 June, 2007

my take on golf

I don't play golf, though I almost pick up golfing just to get close to my boyfriend then, who is now my DH. But when I found out that he gave up golf, I stopped my golf lessons with my big brother... that was what love could do to a person.

Of late, I notice many golf shops opening up in Bangsar area - Ping Golf, Nike golf and some specialty ones. Though I know so little about the game, I do adore some of the apparel. But it is quite an expensive sports and to a certain extent, time consuming. I know ardent golf players find this relaxing and rewarding. And maybe I should return to my lessons since my close friends, Judy and Sam are passionate about golf. Or maybe I'll pick this up when I move to down under where the weather is cooler and the course nicer :)


sesame said...

I played golf for awhile becos of my hub. But after the birth of Gavin, I've only returned to the driving range once. I'm not playing it anymore. Thoughts of the sun just kill my interest.

dorischua said...

Ya.. I don't think I'll pick it up again la, esp with these freckles appearing from nowhere :(