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06 June, 2007


Oh well, you have heard about Paris Hilton in jail and now that she is serving her sentence, she should think about using StaphAseptic if she wants to avoid MRSA!

Now what exactly is MRSA ? It stands for "Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus", a type of staph bacteria that can cause serious infection. And in case you think antibiotics is the solution for this infection, MRSA is resistant to typical antibiotics and if left untreated, it can rob your life. Standard antibiotic ointments, Penicillin and other antibiotics in the pharmacy don’t kill MRSA. Only one product does: StaphAseptic kills the MRSA bacteria and you can get it at Rite Aid, Walgreens, Fred Meyer, Amazon, or any drug store chain nationwide. To use it, simply apply StaphAseptic to cuts, scrapes and burns before using a bandage. This process will destory MRSA bacteria before the affected area is infected.

Need more information about StaphAseptic, go to StaphAseptic.com. Now that the facts about MRSA are told, don't you think Paris should get one to play safe?

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