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05 June, 2007

On Colloidal Silver

Richard and Jea are two of our closest friends outside the church circle. Richard is an ex-commando in the UK military and Jea is a young and bubbly girl from Bangkok. They both love life and are ardent Harley Davidson fans. Besides hearing about their motorcycling tour experiences, Richard, who is a natural health advocate often shares about his knowledge in alternative medicine and treatment methods. One of the health products he often rave about is colloidal silver. From him, I have found out that colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic and contains anti fungal and anti viral properties. It is known to fight disease and heal many health and skin conditions. Infact, some research has shown that colloidal silver is responsible in helping build the immune system.

When choosing colloidal silver, always ensure that the product is in its purest form and not metallic or ionic silver. Ask about the concentration levels as alot of the products sold under the colloidal silver label is only about 10-20%. True silver colloid should be at least 0.9999 pure silver like the one in MesoSilver.

Mesosilver is 0.9999 pure silver in colloidal form, a true silver colloid.

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