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05 June, 2007

new nail salon

More and more nail salons are opening up lately. I have the pleasure to visit one small cosy nail salon that offers very personalized service in a new mall – Bangsar village II. The salon is opened by local celebrity, socialite and model, Soong Ai Ling. Nice lady, deep voice, friendly, and definitely attractive. What I like about her is that she doesn’t act like she’s ‘somebody’ even though she’s a popular figure with the media, unlike some wannabees who try to act like ‘somebody’ when they are not even ‘there’ yet.

Her little salon is decorated with classic chandeliers with a touch of sophistication and class in every corner. Small it may be, but she has maximized every inch of space in the shop. I wonder how 5 manicurists can fit in that 200 sq feet space!

I had been given a manicure and pedicure voucher by my biz partner and had not found time to pamper myself in the salon. Maybe I should try some nail art this time and apparently, Ai Ling does nails for customers too! That must be of good value if she does my nails cos she charges exorbitant prices for her modeling… not a bad idea to be pampered by the hands of a celebrity huh?

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