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10 July, 2007

Goth dating site now

Last Novemeber, we were in Perth for a vacation and I met up with my Uni professor and was invited to his home for a get together dinner when his son, Luke came to visit from England. Interestingly, that was my first encounter with a Goth... yes, Luke is a Goth and he is one cool one!

He showed us some of his Goth photos and honestly, I was a little scared and horrifed by the makeup and attire. Well, you wouldn't think I'm serious but there is a dedicated goth dating site, just like the bbw dating site I mentioned in my earlier post. This one is for gothic singles looking for like-minded friends who are in the goth movement. The thing is making friends on a niche site like this means they can share similar interests - music, fashion, ideas, preferences...etc. You must agree that gothics are easily accepted by some others. They are a group with special interests and likes. If you still don't know what gothic singles are or look like, go check out some of the photos on the site.

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