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10 July, 2007

Do your toddlers get fussy?

I don't know what is going on but my little 3 year old (coming) is getting fussy and cranky these days. He will insist on what he wants and if you refuse, he will kick up a fuss. Well, it doesn't work on mama. I am a firm believer of not rewarding bad behaviour though it is hard to stay firm at times. When he kicks up a fuss, stamps his feet, rolls on the floor, I will look at him and walk away. Then when he realizes that his actions aren't getting my attention, he will stop - so it worked!

Somehow, DH isn't coping well with this behaviour. Mama is more patient and tolerates better. I wonder if most three year olds are like these. At this age, he's becoming more destructive too. Leave him alone and you get all sorts of awful and shocking surprises!

Do you toddlers act up like this? Anyone? Would love to hear some opinions.

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