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20 July, 2007

iContact email marketing software review

A couple of years ago, we invested in an email marketing software to help us communicate efficiently with our clients. If you run a business where building clients' relationships is key, then regular communication is crucial to maintain that relationship with your clients. And I must agree that the internet has sped up this process and helps business people to communicate better with clients and prospects, thus creating more options to grow businesses.

But the question is how do you go about it? Since I'm doing a review on iContact Email Marketing Software, let's take a look at the software features. I did a quick comparison with the software our company is currently using and noticed these differences:

1. iContact has an auto removal of emails that bounced back more than 5 times - til today, we are still getting repeated bounced emails, this is especially when we forget to delete the bounced email address.

2. iContact has a forward -a-friend feature which can be a good viral and referral tool for your business.

3. It has a powerful list segmentation feature that helps you focus on loyal customers and allows you to send messages to this specific list.

4. There are more than 300 templates that can help you design attractive newsletters to your subscribers.

5. There is an in-built online survey form should you need it for your marketing campaigns.

6. You can analyze your marketing campaigns by tracking who is reading your marketing messages.

7. You can send your message to your clients via email, RSS feeds as well as blogging!

8. iContact allows you to create quick invitations to your subscribers' list where you can send further messages to follow up closer to the event.

Well, if you would like to try out the software to fully experienced the user-friendliness, iContact is offering a 15 day free trial so that you can take time to decide if this email marketing software is suitable for your business. If you like more info, the introductory video is available at the website - check it out now!


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