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26 July, 2007

internet and blogging addiction

My internet connection has been down since 1.30am last night. I woke up with a hope that it would be restored but NO! As usual, something went wrong with TM Net's connection and I could only wait for the connection to be restored soon.

I got so restless that I had to pop by Starbucks for a quick connection, since I didn't know when it would be fixed. With some pending reviews and a mailbox full of unchecked mails, I was a little desperate. This was when I realized that my life was becoming more dependent on technology - how scary!

I tried to take it easy, did my other stuff that didn't require the internet, spent more time with my boy but I had to admit that I was feeling anxious and restless. I wondered to myself, "Am I addicted to the internet?" or "Have I been addicted to blogging?" Oops... internet and blogging addiction!

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