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13 July, 2007

lead management

This year, we did lots of new things for our upcoming event with Father of Guerrilla Marketing. One of which is to conduct email campaigns with marketing firm is responsible for sending our event information to members in its database.

While having a discussion with the company, we learnt about how lucrative lead generating companies can be these days. More and more companies are looking for leads and databases to promote their products and services and one of the options is to seek these companies with big list of leads. But it is equally crucial that these companies manage their leads well by having a reliable software as these leads, in business sense, mean assets to the company.

Besides generating leads, the company we work with also sell leads to lots of companies in retail, products and services, technology, health, and many other industries. Well, we know how valuable leads can be but for the first time, we are asked if we are keen to buy leads for our campaigns.

I guess one of the software that provides all the features for CRM and lead management for this business is the one available at AIMpromote. With its Lead Management CRM Software, these marketing companies can run and manage their leads conveniently on one screen in one software. This increases productivity for companies and enables them to sell more leads with the automated feature.

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