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14 July, 2007

monovision lasik

Sounds like a procedure that will interest my beloved who started wearing reading glasses last year, much to his dismay. For many years, DH has been thinking about lasik but up til today, he still has alot of reservations after his brother had a bad encounter with an irresponsible eye surgeon 2 years ago.

Monovision Lasik, as explained in the article, is well recommended for people with reading glasses or contact lenses - DH fits in both. Monovision is apparently able to correct presbyopia and thus, eliminates the use of reading glasses. As people reach middle age, it is common to be diagnosed with this condition and sometimes, it can cause much inconvenience if you are an active individual, like my DH, or if you are short-sighted. I'm certainly going to point DH to the article and have him find out more about monovision lasik. Who knows, he may seriously consider this now, since he's sick of not being able to read food menus whenever we are out for dinner, and he's still too embarrassed to be seen in his reading glasses.


Judy Chow said...

Hi Doris, I just send you a tag, hope you like it :)

San Diego Lasik Scott said...

hi, i got lasik in 2004 and am very very satisfied. no problems since! some of the best money i spent, for sure. cheers!