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28 July, 2007

moving guide

Making a decision to move out of your parents' house can be a big decision for some. Why? Moving out to live a life of your own means doing your own laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, tidying, cleaning, washing and many DIY experiences. I move into an apartment many years ago with a class mate during my design college years. As much as it was fun to be independent, I was getting bored with too much housework after a few months. And the truth was I had no experience with moving to an apartment and spent alot of time finding the right place, getting organized and doing things right.

If you are planning on moving to an apartment, take heart! Here is a site that provides all the resources, tips and pointers on everything that involves moving into a new place. Whether it's hunting for an apartment, finding the right roommates or getting in the right mover, you can read about how all these things are done while planning for your move. At least, you will be more well prepared and even end up with some savings with careful planning and research.

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