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10 July, 2007

summary of my day

I haven't had time to blog today. DH was out for an exhibition and I needed to send Clayton to Mandarin class, fix breakfast, lunch, send him to school in the afternoon... then carry on my detox, do my juicing... and I wasn't feeling my best. Coping with an active 3 yo was surely not that fun when I was all alone and feeling half sick.

My healing reactions still persist and I almost thought I was going to pass out in the late afternoon. Thank God I was fine and it looked like the healing reactions were coming to an end. This detox process isn't just about cleansing my body, it's about a time of spiritual healing for me. My friend from Singapore said a prayer with me via MSN and that was so meaningful to me... thanks, Winston.

Well, I was glad DH came home early and took over disciplining Clayton though I was left to deal with his crankiness half the time. He was at that age where everything got to be 'mama' and would cry sadly if his requests were granted. I had work to finish for our July seminar and finally, they were completed.

Finally, I can now sit down and finish off the summary of my day - whew!

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