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20 July, 2007

What will I do with $1 million?

Here is another tag but thankfully it is not a hard one :) My JieMei, Shoppingmum tagged me on what will I do if I have 1 million. Wow... time to fantasize again! It's nice to do that every now and then, dream and fantasize. So, here's what I will do with 1 million... err, is it ringgit or US dollars? Let's assume it's Singapore dollars - kakakaka...

$100K - pay my tithes
S$500K - Buy a house in Australia - probably cost me so much that I won't be left much to do the things I want!
S$200K - Save in fixed deposit or invest
S$50K - For my family (mom and brother)
S$10K - Goes to Charities
S$20K - Vacation
$100K - Will KIV and see what I need to use it for

OH well, now I like to hear what would these blogging buddies of mine do with $1million!



Vedis Teh said...

Aiyoo...kena..;D So lucky..ya.. I like this tag..fit my blog ..hehe..

bokjae said...

Hey doris so good to hear from you, miss you leh! tks!