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04 September, 2007

clean water and our health

I'm one person who is particular with drinking water since I have a sensitive throat and a history of allergies. In fact, I never knew the importance of how clean and filtered water is vital to our health until the last few years, when I attended a health talk by a naturopath. Since, we have invested in numeous water filters but sad to say, some of them are not good enough to do the job of purification but only filter the debris, mud and dirt; they don't kill bacteria or get rid of chlorine and other impurities. So, we resort to using water distillers.

I just found a website that provides a guide on home water filters which may be a great help if you are looking for one in your house. Clean, filtered and purified water is vital to our overall health as more than 70% of our body contains water. Be careful of the water you use in the shower too as your pores too can absorb whatever impurities the shower water is releasing.

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