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02 October, 2007

all set to visit Haleakala National Park

In case you don't know, next to Waikiki, the next most popular destination in Hawaii is Maui. In December, we will be part of the 2.5 million travelers to set foot on its sunny shores. From what I read, Maui has lots to offer in every sense - nature, sun, mountains, ocean and the waterfalls.

We are planning for a trip to the Haleakala National Park during our two nights there. I heard that watching sunset at the summit is the best experience anyone can have yet I am not sure if we can ever make it with a three year old :P Those who have traveled with little children know that we can't have high expectations when we travel with kids. Be realistic is the best way to make everyone happy. If we can't have the best, we must be prepared for second best.

Maui is an ideal destination for families. With the many Maui condos in the area, it's easy to find one that suits your needs and budget. If you need help on accommodation search, the Hawaiian travel blog is a good source of information, hosted by Hawaiian Beach Rentals, a booking site for all accommodations in Hawaii. Choose from the huge list of condos and vacation rentals, all listed along with detailed information and photos on the website. And if you need any help, don't hesitate to drop them a line.

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The Travelling Guy said...

Hiya...I found your blog after doing a search on travel...cool blog. Anyways, are you going to (or considered going to) Kauai? My friend got married there last year, apparently it's the last untouched island in Hawai'i.

Anyways, cool blog again. I have my own for an upcoming trip I'm going to do to Central America (not much there right now, but it's going to have my itinerary up soon).